Easter holidays

Well what fun we have had. After consuming my own weight in easter chocolate, all 221.6lb of it (whoops). Dealing with various siblng spats about the important business of who hasn’t flushed the toilet and who’s turn it is to be player one on x.box and of course my favourite, who is touching who in the back seat of the car, heaven forbid that mr l’s little finger brushed against miss o’s elbow whilst putting his seatbelt on, we are nearly at the end of a fun 2 weeks. As I sit here awaiting the little dears arising from there slumber watching good old jezza k and being thankful I will never appear on the show,( as I have a full set of teeth and no confusion about who the father of my childen is,) I begin the scary thought of what am I going to eat for breakfast. Today I am embarking on the first day (again) of my “diet” this has to happen today as I have got to the point where not even my pants fit comfortably any more which resulted in me going commando for the past few days. (Thank god I didn’t get run over by a bus, my mother would have been mortified!!).I am struggling to bend to put my socks on and cant look at my feet number one because of my buddah style belly and number two because my triple chins prevent me from doing so. I would normally wait until Monday as we all know a diet has to start on a Monday however I fear I may explode if I wait 4 more days!!!

I must choose carefully as too much this morning means tiny plate at teatime do I go for toast – but then I would want 2 slices of hot white buttery deliciousness. Maybe I will go for a yoghurt and tiny bowl of cereal wow how exciting. Have to decide what I want more tasty food or less humiliation on holiday when people think I’m actually a beached whale and try to return me to the sea. Decisions decisions…………..

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